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11 June 2021

How the washing method that AmmoBotanicals does?
After being harvested, kratom leaves will go through the washing step. The kratom will be washed three times with clean water to make sure the leaves are really clean. Kratom leaves will be stored on a basin containing water, then kratom leaves will be soaked and cleaned on each leaf and also its stalk. Once it is clean, the Kratom will be removed from the barrel and then transferred to another basin containing water to be washed back until it passes through three washing processes to convince that the Kratom leaves are completely clean and ready for drying.

In this step, we use stainless steel basin that comply with ISO industry standards. Because it’s not a secret if stainless steel could be standard in manufacture because it can help from bacteria. Every step / process, AmmoBotanicals will always give concern to cleanliness and industry standardisation.

Know what you buy, buy what you know. Watch the full video of how we produce kratom.

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