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12 June 2021

After washing, the next step is drying. In this process, first, the leaves would be arranged one by one to make sure all of that leaves will dry evenly. We use drying indoor method as our standardisation to get the same leaves quality. Outdoor drying in the summer can also provide maximum drying, but, it is not very effective because the drying outdoors makes it easier for leaves that are being dried contaminated with dust and other impurities.

For severals variants/strains, in this step there are some different treatments. Manual indoor drying needs 1-3 days for the best quality leaves and indoor drying method can keep the aroma of the Kratom leaf still fresh. Some variants that use machine and sunlight take less times because there are several types of strains made with the help of the sun, usually to get a color effect on some strains. Precisely different strains usually have a drying process that barbed too, on the next occasion we will discuss in another blog.

Watch the full process here.

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