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5 July 2021

This season, AmmoBotanicals release some strains that perfect to accompany your activities. Not only “Summer”, we also have “Jungle” strain signature and it available in 3 types: Red Jungle, Green Jungle and White Jungle.

This special signature that we made is really perfect to you who like to go to Jungle for refreshing, hunting, climb the tree or just enjoy the nature. Every type will give you different effects. Red Jungle Kratom works for euphoria effect and energy boost effect, Green Jungle Kratom for pain relief and relaxing effect, and White Jungle will give you strong stimulant effect, mood and energy enhancer effects. Just pick what you need.

You can bring Kratom Jungle, put some scoops of kratom powder to your tumblr, make it be kratom tea or mix it with another beverage or just take it with your favorite ways, but, still watch your Kratom dosage. Do not use it past your body’s limit dosage. It is really important to keep your activities be fun.

Do you have a plan to go to jungle with your friends or family? Is go to jungle is your hobby? This is the right time to pick this special signature.

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