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11 October 2021

If you are new to Kratom, want to try to buy or doing Kratom business. Of course, you should look for a trustworthy Kratom vendor because you guys certainly don’t want to get a bad first experience on kratom. Be careful in choosing Kratom vendors because there have been many cases of fraud occurring in the Kratom business market. What is a scammer? Scammers are people or groups of people who commit fraud in order to earn money in a dirty way.

Not only for people who are new to the Kratom world, but also for those of you who have already made purchases 2 to 3 times, there is something to be aware of, namely the quality of Kratom products from your Kratom vendor whether consistent or not. It often happens that some kratom scammers do sales by swapping kratom products into low quality, for example on the first purchase these ‘bad’ Kratom vendors give you good quality, and then on their next purchase, exchange Kratom powder for a lower quality so they get it at a cheap price but sell it to you with the same price.

So, we already discuss about “How to Choose The Right/Trusted Kratom Vendor“, to help you guys to be more careful to invest your money.Let’s be smart buyer.

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