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16 October 2021

Are you new to Kratom looking to make your first purchase? Are you a Kratom enthusiast who wants to switch to a new Kratom strain? No wonder what the case is, you need to learn about different types of Kratom before your next move.

In this article, we will talk about everything you want to learn about Kratom. What is it? What are the different options available in the market? And most importantly, where to find one if you want to buy one kratom in webshop.

Kratom is a tricky plant to grow, and it grows naturally only in a few places. Each growing ground has its own effect on the herb’s effects and flavor. Similarly, the Kratom sourced from Vietnam has a distinct flavor profile from mainstream strains like Indonesian, Malaysian, and Thai.


Much of Vietnam grows near the Mekong River, the area of which is famous for being rich in minerals. Though Vietnam is similar to the other kratom strains but is a little different in its properties, The conditions in which the kratom plant grows have a great impact on the quality of this plant. Kratom grows best in a tropical environment that is available in Asian countries.

but kratom is illegal in Vietnam, from the data we have summarized in Vietnam itself, there are indeed many kratom trees but it has been illegal for a long time, but the Vietnamese kratom strain itself is currently being sent and processed by many farmers in Indonesia, by taking kratom seeds from Vietnam and breeding on our farm in Borneo – Indonesia.


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