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Ammo Botanicals Kratom Store

Trusted Indonesia Kratom Supplier Since 2015

Ammo Botanicals as Indonesia Kratom Supplier is offers kratom powder that are lab tested, fresh, and hygienic. We are confident that our shipments are safe, so far our shipping problems are 1:200 and sure the products will arrive safely to your door. We always offer free samples to our prospective customers to try their own and then decide to make a purchase at us. it also makes us confident that our product is a best product. We prioritize the trust of our customers.

Lab Test
Alkaloids content, microorganism and heavy metals
Product and Shipping Guarantee
Quality Control
Company Consistency
We support online 24 hours a day
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Why Choose Us
We are protective in harvesting. Choose a healthy tree to get a good leaf and do the right harvesting and drying methods.
We keep our products from being contaminated from harmful bacteria or organisms. Using stainless steel machine as our standard.
Every month we conduct alkaloid testing to ensure our products have the right level of alkaloids.
Best Product
Our best product come from our consistency, we have high quality standards to every process.
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