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Red Vein (Greenish) AM Kratom Powder


Species: Mitragyna Speciosa
Price Above for : 1kg
Packaging: Seal/Vacuum/-kg

This strain is recommended for athletes, hard workers and drivers.


Species: Mitragyna Speciosa
Price Above for 1kg.
Packaging: Seal/Vacuum/-kg


The name of Red Vein basically because the characteristic of its leaf. “Red” is the color on the middle of the bone of kratom leaf and the leaf is medium and thick. Red Vein by AmmoBotanicals has pure element because it’s not made by fermentation method so the effect of the red vein leaf doesn’t disappear and the powder is green and has fresh aroma. The leaf that is used is Red Vein.

As we known there are many types of kratom on the market, kratom comes from 3 different veins, harvesting time, drying method and time, as well as processing techniques make each kratom different. What makes Red Vein kratom special from all others is the harvesting time of between the hours of 6am and 10am with drying time of one day under morning sun and one day indoors.

Red Vein kratom powder is often used to increase energy after a day of activities and relieves fatigue. Red Vein is known for its pain relief, increase body immune system and relaxing on the body. The Mitragynine level is up to 1,5%. Each individual, depending on their own chemical makeup and mind set will experience different effects and results.

This strain is recommended for athletes, hard workers and drivers. Form more about Vein, we will discuss it on blog.

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