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About AmmoBotanicals

About Us

AmmoBotanicals is a Leading Kratom Company Indonesia. Our headquarters are located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. AmmoBotanicals established since 2015. Currently we have 21 hectares of kratom forests, with a harvest capacity of 10.000 kilograms a month. We have cooperation programs such as Affiliate Program, Wholesale Program, Dropship Program and we serve retailer.

Production Process

Production Process

Our harvesting process, we do it in a right way. Start by choosing a healthy tree, a 4-year-old tree with a height of 5-15 meters. We only pick healthy leaf, leaf that is solid green, edible, oval in shape with a length of 14-20 cm and a width of 7-12cm. Picking the leaf in the right method by cutting it from the middle of the leaf stalk and then washing it with running water. After clean, the leaf will be dried. Drying process is done indoors and under the sun with a certain period of time according to the type of strain.



We are confident to guarantee our shipping, because since 2019 we have a subsidiary in the field of shipping. So that we can monitor the shipping directly. Also, our customers can easily to track their products, because we provide tracking number and updating where the product is.



Currently, we already have two warehouses that we get from the cooperation program with a larger wholesaler. Our warehouses are located in Indonesia and Florida.



We do Production according with our high production standards, we really care about Health, Safety, Environment HSE. We do all the production process with stainless steel machine as our standards such as Micro-Grinding System 45 Inches and Nano-Grinding System.






hectare kratom land


Years Expericence

Arno Sri Wibowo

Ammo Team

Ridwan Aris

Business Developement
Ammo Team

Vitae Darha

Marketing Communication
Ammo Team



We invite you to work with us.

We also open opportunities for those of you who want to have progress and grow with us. If you interested, there can fill out the form.

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