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17 October 2021

Mitragyna Speciosa is tropical evergreen tree native to SouthEast Asia and indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Products derived from the raw material of this tree are typically used recreation-ally and as an alternate form of therapy to treat various aliments, including mood and anxiety disorders. Kratom is the name most commonly used however, several other names are also used, mainly throughout its native birth-place of South East Asia, Biak, Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang and Thom to name a few, but its rare to see products marketed and sold online under these names. There has been much controversy surrounding this mysterious botanical specimen, which is likely the result of poor levels of awareness. There is a myriad of misinformation and ill informed articles about Kratom that lack proper research and facts, so we urge you to be open minded and diligent.

AmmoBotanicals is the best Kratom supplier Indonesia that has been established since 2015. We are trusted by the vendors around the world because of our product quality and shipping guarantee until our products are actually received by consumers. We’re a sustainable European and Indonesian-based company with the objective of cultivating and dispensing GMP compliant top quality food grade Kratom, for the benefit of our consumers. Our products are ethically sourced and grown by diligent hardworking family farmers from various different regions of Indonesia, predominantly Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. Kratom is an emerging market in Europe yet still in its infancy, we aim to educate our customers to the best of our ability on the benefits and usages of Kratom

Legality of Kratom in Czech Republic ( Czechia ).

Our widely distributed product is now being openly explored in several countries around the world and, the Czech Republic, renowned for its open minded and liberal stance toward various natural drugs are no exception. In accordance with the Czech constitution of  Act No. 273/2013 Coll. our product is under legislation, and it’s use supported within the country. However, to avoid the purchase of adulterated forms, it’s best to procure from reliable online stores to ensure health safety standards are complied to. Its suggested that Mitragyna Speciosa products should be marketed and sold strictly not for human consumption but for Aromatherapy and Research purposes within Czechia. 

We sell only natural, unadulterated Kratom products. We do not sell extracts, tinctures or resins of any sort. We’re here to provide one of natures gift.

Buy Kratom in Czechia ( Czech Repuclic ) Visit our store. And visit our instagram and youtube for more information about kratom.

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