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10 November 2021

We announce the sad story that is happening in West Kalimantan, especially Sintang Regency and surrounding areas. We are sorry for people of Sintang Regency and the surrounding areas who were flooded and lost a lot of their belongings. Sintang Regency is a Regency in West Kalimantan that is in +- 389km from Putussibau and become a land access from Putussibau to Pontianak.

AmmoBotanicals was impacted by the water that happened. Land access restricted our kratom shipping from the Putussibau warehouse. We are now switching our shipments from land to sea shipping by ships, which will take about 2-3 days to arrive at our Pontianak production warehouse.

We hope that the water will pass quickly so that Sintang residents can return to their homes and resume their normal activities. And we apologise to our devoted customers for the delay of the product shipping. Thank you very much.

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