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17 August 2023

Today, we celebrate freedom, unity, and the indomitable spirit of Indonesia. On this special day, let’s recognize one of our natural treasures that has brought prosperity to our farmers and our environment: Kratom.

Farmers’ Prosperity: Kratom has become a sustainable source of income for our farmers, bringing prosperity and economic independence.

Greening Indonesia: With the planting of kratom trees, we contribute to greening and balancing the ecosystem.

Product Diversity: From the fertile soil of Indonesia, kratom has inspired a range of innovative products.

National Pride: Kratom is one example of how our natural resources can benefit the nation and the world.

Visit to learn more about kratom and how we can utilize it wisely.

🎉 Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! 🎉 #IndonesiaIndependence #KratomIndonesia #AmmoBotanicals

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