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3 July 2021

Another special signature that AmmoBotanicals release is “Mountain” Kratom. From the name, you must know if this special signature that perfect for you who like to go to mountain, or for you that have most time to spend in mountain or hills.

This “Mountain” signature is available in 3 types, Red Mountain, and Green Mountain and every strain has different effect. Red Mountain will help to calming your mind and body relaxing effect, Green Mountain for anti-depressant, euphoria effect and energy enhancer. You can pick what you need.

Enjoy this strain with your favorite ways, you can do toss and wash, or you can make it to be kratom tea and enjoy it during you enjoying the mountain breeze, mountain dew and mountain view. If you are a mountain climber or you do mountain bike frequently, you can take this signature before do those things with the right kratom dosage. It will give you a different sensation and experience.

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