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6 October 2021

Each of us, having our own way to enjoy Kratom products, some people choose to brew it, eat Kratom powder directly, or any other way, so, here, some ways to enjoy Kratom by AMMO BOTANICALS.

1. Enjoy kratom powder with hot water. Kratom powder can be enjoyed directly with hot water, by adding kratom powder and hot water like we’re brewing coffee. Or if you prefer a lighter sensation you can make it with the V60 method. For those of you who don’t like bitter taste, you can mix it with honey, sugar or whatever to suit your taste.

2. Toss and wash. Some people say toss and wash is the best way to take Kratom. Do toss and wash we can easily know our Kratom dosing. Here, benefits toss and wash:
✅ Faster than taking capsules, brewing tea, or other ways.
✅ Quick absorption in the body, as the stomach doesn’t need to break down like capsules.
At its most basic level, the toss and wash method involves placing (or “tossing”) a dose of kratom powder in your mouth, then “washing” it down with a glass of water or other liquid.

3. Kratom powder can be enjoyed by wrapping it in gelatin capsules or commonly we call Kratom Capsules. How to consume it like we take medicine. Kratom capsules are an effective option for you who don’t like bitter taste of kratom powder and the smell of Kratom, but want/need to consume Kratom powder or you who want to consume Kratom powder in a very simple way. Measured dose. It’s easy to make a habit without hassle and of course Kratom capsules are easy to carry anywhere. Also, Kratom capsule is very safe for customers who have gastric problems, because gelatin capsules are destroyed in the intestines not in gastric, but, you need more times to feel the Kratom’s effects.Kratom capsules seem more appropriate for low-dose users, as it can be very troublesome for you who want to consume Kratom at high doses by taking many Kratom capsules.

4. Tablets. Tablets are a right choice to enjoy Kratom in a simple way, and get its effects quickly though not as fast as toss and wash methods. Why? Because tablets take time to dissolve and are processed by the body. As simple as you take medicines, and get the effect. But, watch your dosages. Do not consume it with alcohol, drugs or medicines!

5. Kratom powder can also be enjoyed with tea water.  For those of you who want to enjoy kratom in a more relaxed way or can’t cope with the taste of kratom. Tea water that has been mixed with sugar or honey, then you can add with kratom powder. It can be enjoyed while warm and you will get the sensation of tea aroma and kratom aroma (more like green tea aroma) that can relax the mind. And if you like fresher flavors, you can add other additions, such as lemon and ice cubes. RECOMMENDED!

Continued to part 2

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