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24 June 2021


Summer 2021 does start on June 20, everyone is excited that summer is the perfect season to spend time with family, friends or close friends, to meet new friends, go to the beach, make parties, go hunting, into the woods, fishing, hiking, or whatever on your lists. It’s summer, just do whatever makes you happy!

The first day of summer, AmmoBotanicals releases signature strain that is perfect for accompanying your summer (Green Summer and White Smummer). It is called “Summer”. A strain that is very suitable to accompany this summer party and you can bring to summer camp and share it to your friends. What are the benefits of this strain? Signature “Summer” Kratom, you can take for euphoria effects, relaxation of the mind, mood and energy enhancer, to become friend of your relaxing moment or sunbathe on the beach. Interesting, right? You can also enjoy it by making kratom tea, see how to make it.

Unfortunately, our products are not yet able to be obtained at kratom distros near you. You can get this product by making a purchase on the website or you can send a message directly on our social media. Hope you like it. And Have a great summer.

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