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16 July 2021


Super Ammo kratom powder is a signature strain by Ammo Botanicals. The name of “Super” is taken from the term harvesting and grinding Kratom leaf, “super” refers to the process of selecting a very large kratom leaf from the tree, using the technique of separating leaves a vein by hand, farmers call this technique “SERUT” and immediately do the grinding smoothly.

That’s why this strain is called “Super”. In addition to its long-lasting effect, this strain is known for its strong and distinctive aroma and bright green color, making it a popular strain.
And the name of Super Ammo is taken from “Ammunition” / “Ammo” is a symbol to reflect the strength and accuracy of our products’ quality to effect obtained.

Although there are many types of Kratom products on the market, Kratom powder or kratom product comes from 2 different veins; harvesting time, drying method, and time, as well as processes techniques that make each Kratom Different. The Super Ammo Kratom leaf is taken from a leaf that grows around the swamps and highlands in the Jongkong area.

The characteristics of the kratom leaf are solid green, and pinnate leaf shape has a neat arrangement of leaf bones ranging from stalks to the ends of leafs and done special techniques from AmmoBotanicals.

The harvesting time of between the hours of 6 am and 10 am, after harvesting kratom leaf and washing the karom leaf, the leaf will be drying with 2 hours the morning sun between 10am-12pm and drying in a special room by the shelves for 1 day, and finally the kratom grinding process is once done with a special Micro/Nano machine settings to produce a smooth texture and good color.

Supper Ammo kratom powder, contains more flavonoids and active alkaloids. The Mitragynine level up to 1,7% even more. ‘Super Ammo’, the kratom powder by AmmoBotanicals can make people get great and perfect experiences.
This kratom effect is known for its energy enhancer, focus, stimulant effects on the body, Euphoria effects, and strong pain relief.

Each individual, depending on their own chemical makeup and mindset will experience different effects and results using kratom. Super Ammo kratom powder may be beneficial to professional workers, athletes, vapers (vape users), and mixed with cocktails.


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