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11 June 2021

In general, Kratom stores provide powder and also crushed leaf. The types of powder available usually have two types, nano and micro.

Nano products are produced using a Nano-Grinding machine, while micro products are produced using a Micro-Grinding 45 inch machine. Nano and micro grinding machines are made of stainless steel according to cGMP and also we concern to HSE standards. All of our machines are equipped with Ultraviolet (UV) lights that can kill bacteria and can also excrete more alkaloids.

The capacity that we can produce using a nano-grinding machine is 1000-2000kg per day. Meanwhile, the capacity of product that we can produce using a micro-grinding machine will be smaller than nano products. With a capacity of 500-1000kg per day.

Products ground with a nano grinding machine will produce the products that have a texture like flour or baby powder, while the products were grind with a micro machine will produce a powder that still has vein fibers and leaf stems. So, you can choose what your favorite is.

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