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9 June 2021

We have gotten many questions about the best quality Kratom. For us, the quality of the best Kratom is not determined only by the process, but also from the main raw materials, also the health of the trees and leaves that are harvested.

The best leaves are leaves derived from trees that grow on the ground that have sufficient soil inaction, are perfectly shaped (not perforated because insects eat) and are solid green in color, too, the size of an adult’s hand. Usually good leaves come from trees that are at least 4 years old. The leaf picked is not a young leaf or a leafy shoot, because if the shoots are picked, it will interfere with the growth of Kratom trees.

In Indonesia, the best month of Kratom leaf production is January to October, in November and December, the amount of rainfall is higher than the previous months so Kratom leaf production cannot be as high as in previous months.

The best leaves are not from the waterlogged area or waterlogged trees, because it will affect the amount of alkaloid content in it. The leaves are from waterlogged trees, usually will be easy for pests such as caterpillars and insects.

Make sure you have confirmed to your vendor, the Kratom leaves you get from your vendor is selected from the best leaves and make sure the quality of the product you get is according to the quantity you order.
We will only harvest the best leaves of the best quality, no matter how many quantities you ordered.

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