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3 June 2021

This year, 2021, will be the year of our new spirit by re-presenting a new logo and new hope. “Nature is The Future”, we have chosen a new generation for preservation and utilization of nature, so that it can be used as efficiently and effectively as possible to human life in the future. We decided to upgrade our logo, because we also want to upgrade ourselves to be stronger, more positive and be better than before.

Logo Anatomy

Kratom Leaf, ktarom leaf on logo is describe a useful life and radiates shade like trees that could generate positive energies.

Bullet/Ammo, is a symbol to reflect the strength and accuracy of our product quality to effect obtained.

Butterfly, combine Kratom leaf and bullet, symbol of transformation that will remind us to always innovate and progress to be at the forefront to satisfy our customers.

Ammo will always innovate and transform to serve and provide fresh and quality Kratom products, so that the power of the effect that contained in it can become the ammunition to Spirit Activity, Physical Fitness and Positive Thinking. We decided to be a better us for us and for you.

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