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4 June 2021

Kratom is a native tree to tropical regions of the Southeast Asia, as such, it will little difficult to grows in non-tropical climates, but it is possible. Kratom tree can grows about 4 – 16 metre. Do you know how the kratom tree lives? Soil moisture is important to kratom tree. Kratom tree needs enough water to grows and be great tree. So, in general, kratom tree will be better if it lives around river, lake or around another water area, and experience heavy rainfall throughout the seasons.

Kratom tree loves heat and moisture, it grows under the canopy of other trees, even though it likes humidity but direct sunlight is not a high priority. The soil should have likely 70 and 80 percent humidity on average for the best growth and too moisture can lead the bugs and fungi.

A Kratom tree can live for a really long time, and the best Kratom tree that’s ready to be harvested is at least four years old, get enough humidity and fungi-free, because the best product is from the healthy tree.

Watch the full video of how we produce kratom here.

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